Kickoff: GIS for Language Study

  • Datum: –16.00
  • Plats: Engelska parken, room 16-2043
  • Föreläsare: Michael Dunn, Jan Amcoff, Timo Rantanen, Sofia Koskela
  • Webbsida
  • Arrangör: GIS for language study
  • Kontaktperson: Alexandra Petrulevich
  • Seminarium

The aim of the kick off seminar is to introduce GIS and spatial analysis in language study via lectures and a workshop. Morning lectures are open to public. If you are interested in participating in the workshop please apply to or before November 1.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are computerized information systems for collecting, storing, managing, and analyzing location-based data. The revolution in methodology that GIS has brought about has shown its clear effect in several fields of science, including linguistics. Internationally, language research using GIS methods is a growing field. Areas of application for GIS range from general linguistics and variational linguistics to runology and onomastics.

Lecture session

09:00-09:15 Welcome and opening remarks, Alexandra Petrulevich and Marc Tang (Uppsala University)

09:15–10:00 Towards a spatially aware science of language, Michael Dunn (Uppsala University)

10:00–10:30 Coffee break

10:30–11:15 Geoinformatics in linguistics? Introduction to spatial data and spatial analysis, Timo Rantanen (University of Turku)

11:15–11:30 Break

11:30–12:00 GIS at Uppsala University, Jan Amcoff (Uppsala University) 


12:00-13:00 Lunch


Workshop session

Limited number of participants, please apply before November 1. 

13:00–14:00 Visualisation of the GIS data – learn to make your own map of Saami languages. Part 1., Timo Rantanen & Sofia Koskela (University of Turku)

14:00–14:30 Coffee break

14:30–15:30 Visualisation of the GIS data – learn to make your own map of Saami languages. Part 2., Timo Rantanen & Sofia Koskela (University of Turku)

15:30–15:45 Break

15:45–16:00 Feedback and discussion