Politics and religion themed day

Politics and religion themed day

The lectures and activities are in Swedish and English. See the complete programme here

Saturday 19 November, 12.00-16.00

On Saturday, November 19, Uppsala University invites you to explore a complicated yet fascinating relationship between religion and politics from a global perspective in a series of mini lectures. What is the connection between religion and politics in different parts of the world? What is the relationship between religion, politics and media in Europe today? How do different belief systems coexist in Africa? Are Americans becoming less religious? What are the relations between the Russian Orthodox Church and the political regime in present-day Russia? What role has religion played throughout time in Latin America? Come, listen and discuss with the experts from Uppsala University!

In addition you will be able to try out Chinese calligraphy, paper marbling, enjoy Russian choral and Bolivian music and much more!

During the day, you will have an opportunity to visit the Museum for free.