Symposium: Power and the Chthulucene

  • Date:
  • Location: Gustavianum
  • Lecturer: Eliza Steinbock, Ann-Sofie Lönngren, Cleo Woelfle-Erskine, Jacob Bull, Wendy Woodward, Erica Cudworth, Andrea Petitt, Claire Jean Kim, Pär Segerdahl, and Hyaesin Yoon.
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  • Organiser: Centrum för genusvetenskap, Uppsala universitet
  • Contact person: Jacob Bull
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Power and the Chthulucene:
Humanimal discussions at the intersections of gender, sexuality, ability, and race

Work within the multidisciplinary field of human-animal studies has over recent decades demonstrated how ‘the human’ is materially and discursively dependent on ‘non-humans’. This critical exploration of the ‘more-than-human’ has not been carried out in a vacuum but rather has been in conversation with wider debates regarding the intra-relational power made up by categories such as gender, sexuality, ability and race. Nevertheless, the relationship between human-animal studies’ centering of ’the question of the animal’ on one hand, and research conducted in the fields of gender and race studies on the other, has not always been an easy and uncontroversial one, but has sometimes been characterized by contradictory discourses. Today however, conversations and alliances across these theoretical and empirical registers seem ever more relevant as we seek to continue to (re)think gender, sexuality and race in multispecies contexts and to examine the critical potential to ‘queer the human’ and thereby explore possible pasts, presents and futures.