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Sodium: A viable alternative to lithium in our batteries?

  • Date: 04 May, 15:30–16:30
  • Location: Ångströmlaboratoriet, Lägerhyddsvägen 1 Polhemsalen
  • Lecturer: Fil.Dr. Reza Younesi
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  • Organiser: Section of Chemistry, Department of Chemistry - Ångström Laboratory
  • Contact person: Reza Younesi
  • Phone: 018-4713769
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Reza Younesi will give a docent lecture in chemistry, with specialization in inorganic chemistry.
Chairman: Prof. Kristina Edström
Docentur board representative: Prof. Gunnar Johansson


”We rely on lithium-ion batteries in our everyday lives: In cell phones, laptops, cameras and now emerging as energy storage and conversion system for electric bicycles and cars. However, along with the fast-growing usage of lithium-ion batteries, the global demand for lithium has tripled over the past decade, which has initiated concerns about the availability of lithium as well as cobalt and nickel (commonly used in Li-ion batteries) in near future.

Contrary to lithium which is mined in only few countries, sodium (Na) is an abundant natural resource (e.g. Earth’s crust). Therefore, sodium-ion batteries using naturally abundant elements in electrode materials can facilitate more sustainable development of rechargeable batteries for different applications.

This lecture will provide an overview of the basics of electrochemical reactions in sodium- and lithium-ion batteries, electrode and electrolyte materials used in these batteries and their properties and limitations. In particular, challenges and prospects of development of Na-ion batteries as alternative to lithium-ion batteries for different applications such as portable devices and large-scale stationary storage of electricity will be discussed.” 


The lecture, which is a teaching test for those who applied to be admitted as an associate professor, should be accessible for students and others with knowledge at undergraduate level in the subject, but may also be of interest to a wider audience. The lecture will lasts 45 minutes and be followed questions and discussion and will be held in English.