The Faculty of Languages’ new professor’s inaugural lecture

10:45 Introduction by the Dean of the Faculty of Languages, Professor Coco Norén

László Károly: The Turkic Runiform Writing System and Its Variants


The inauguration of professors will be held on Friday 17 November at 15:00, in the Grand Auditorium. During the ceremony, the following inaugural lectures will be held:

Sven Oskarsson, Faculty of Social Sciences: Familjesammanhang och politiskt engagemang.
Rose-Marie Amini, Faculty of Medicine: Malignt lymfom – diagnos med många utmaningar.
Johannes Messinger, Faculty of Science and Technology: Hur bakterier löste energiproblemet.

The inauguration and the lectures are open to the public. No tickets are needed for the lectures. Tickets to the inauguration can be collected in the entrance hall of the University Main Building from 10:00 on Thursday 16 November until 15:00 on Friday 17 November.