Lecture by Honorary Doctor Kari Alitalo

  • Date: –11:00
  • Location: Rudbeck Laboratoriet Fåhraeussalen
  • Lecturer: Kari Alitalo, Helsingfors universitet
  • Organiser: Faculty of Medicine
  • Contact person: Lena Claesson-Welsh
  • Phone: 070 167 9260
  • Föreläsning

Public lecture by the Faculty of Medicine’s honorary doctor 2018 Kari Alitalo, with the title Translational insights to vascular growth factors.

Kari Kustaa Alitalo is an internationally leading researcher in the area of angiogenesis/lymphangiogenesis (new formation of blood vessels and lymphatic vessels) who is active at the University of Helsinki. Early in his research career, Kari Kustaa Alitalo studied mechanisms of cancer transformation of cells and made several important observations that laid the foundation for the research he has conducted since. Among other things, he showed that the receptor VEGFR3 controls lymphangiogenesis and was the first researcher in the world to show how growth factors control the development of the lymphatic system. Kari Kustaa Alitalo has characterised the molecular mechanisms that control angiogenesis and lymphangiogenesis and has also shown that these molecules are involved in the development of the central nervous system. In the past 25 years, he has been a leading researcher in his field of research. Kari Kustaa Alitalo has had and still has extensive contact with Uppsala University.