Lecture by Honorary Doctor Walter Doerfler

  • Date: –16:15
  • Location: Biomedicinskt centrum, BMC C4:301
  • Lecturer: Professor Walter Doerfler, Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany
  • Organiser: Medicinska fakulteten
  • Contact person: Ulf Pettersson
  • Phone: 070-4256149
  • Föreläsning

Public lecture by the Faculty of Medicine’s honorary doctor, Professor Walter Doerfler, with the title Epigenetic Re-programming upon Foreign (Viral) DNA Invasion into Cells.

Walter Doerfler has been active as a professor at Rockefeller University in New York and at the universities in Cologne and Erlangen in Germany. He is one of Europe’s most prominent virologists and molecular biologists. His research has concerned mechanisms behind virus propagation and tumour transformation. Recently, his research has focused on the methylation of DNA and he has been a foreground figure in so-called epigenetics. He was one of the researchers who showed the connection between methylation of DNA and gene expression. Another area in which Walter Doerfler has conducted much noted efforts concerns the consequences of the intake of foreign DNA in laboratory animals. He has been honoured with a number of scholarly awards, including the Robert Koch Prize. On several occasions, Walter Doerfler has been a visiting research fellow and opponent in Uppsala.