A walk for all brains – Bissen Brainwalk

  • Date: –11:00
  • Location: Segerstedthuset von Kreamers Alle 2
  • Organiser: Uppsala universitet, Sirius Bandy, Bissen BrainWalk i samarbete med Svenska bandyfinalerna.
  • Contact person: Ronnie Alsén
  • Phone: 018-471 1671
  • Familjeaktivitet

Charity walk to benefit brain research in connection with the Swedish bandy finals in Uppsala.

Where: The Segerstedt Building, von Kraemers allé 2, Uppsala. The walk is about 2 kilometres long and finishes at Studenternas IP for the women’s bandy final.

Admission: SEK 50 or more, paid in cash or via Swish to 123 900 41 44.

On Saturday 17 March, you can make a difference! Take part in Uppsala’s most vital walk. By participating, you will contribute to progress in brain research and knowledge about the brain.

Before the walk, from 9.30am, you are welcome into the Segerstedt house on a cup of coffee / tea / lemonade. Come and ask brain researchers from Uppsala University your questions about how the brain works.

Bring your family and friends and do some good!


Programme on 17 March

09:35 Brain researchers from Uppsala University share the latest discoveries in brain research.

10:00 The charity walk gets off the mark: the Bissen Brainwalk, led by Mathias “Bissen” Larsson. Assemble outside the entrance of the Segerstedt Building (von Kraemers allé 2). The route goes to Studenternas IP stadium, a distance of just under 2 km.

11:00 Swedish Bandy Championships final (women). All paying participants in the Bissen Brainwalk have free admission to the women’s bandy final at Studenternas IP stadium.

Mathias “Bissen” Larsson, a father with young children and three-time Swedish bandy championship winner, suffered a major stroke at the age of 34. Against all the odds, he survived and now leads Bissen Brainwalk, a popular movement that has organised walks in a number of Swedish cities and raised several million kronor for research.

More about the Bissen Brainwalk

A walk for all brains – Bissen Brainwalk