The Lives of the Arctic Communities

  • Date: –19:30
  • Location: Lecture Hall 3, Ekonomikum
  • Lecturer: Tanja Joona, Senior Researcher at the University of Lapland
  • Organiser: The Uppsala Association of International Affairs in cooperation with Uppsala Forum
  • Contact person: Stella Marceta
  • Föreläsning

This lecture will introduce listeners to the Arctic and how its communities are affected by climate change. The presentation will also discuss the fight to protect indigenous rights throughout the region.

The fragile Arctic, consisting of a vivid spectrum of life, both in water and on land, strongly influences the entire planet and vice versa. Protecting this area is crucial to reducing the effects of climate change. The Arctic is often seen as a catalyst for the future, however very little is commonly known about the snow-covered region in the North.

Tanja Joona is a senior researcher at the University of Lapland and a member of the Arctic Sustainable Development Research Group. Her research interests include Arctic law and rights of indigenous peoples.