Antibiotic resistance – an issue to be solved by the market or by politics?

  • Date: –18:00
  • Location: Room X
  • Lecturer: Doktor Manica Balesgaram
  • Organiser: Uppsala Health Summit, Utrikespolitiska föreningen I Uppsala och Uppsala studentkår Medicinska sektionen.
  • Contact person: Kristina Melin
  • Föreläsning

Antibiotic resistance is an increasing threat to health worldwide.

In 1999 MSF launched the Access Campaign. Its purpose has been to push for access to, and the development of life-saving and life prolonging medicines, diagnostic tests and vaccines for patients in MSF programmes and beyond. Dr Manica Balasegaram is the Executive Director of the Access Campaign and he will be speaking on the issues and challenges of antibiotic resistance in the contexts where MSF works.

Free of charge.

Uppsala Health Summit 2015 focuses on antibiotic resistance, doktor Manica Balasegaram is one of the speakers at Uppsala Health Summit, held in Uppsala June 2-3 2015.

Doors open at 16:30 and closes at 16:55.