Film screening: Pride - Alternative Entrepreneurship Enjoyed

  • Datum: –21.00
  • Plats: Humanistiska teatern Humanistiska teatern, aulan, Engelska parken
  • Föreläsare: The film is followed by a panel session with: Viktoria Herjeryd, spokesperson of Stockholm Pride. Sine Nørholm Just, Professor at the Department of Communication and Arts, Roskilde University. Steffen Böhm, Professor in Organisation & Sustainability, University of Exeter Business School. And the filmmakers
  • Arrangör: Sociologiska institutionen och Avdelningen för industriell teknik
  • Kontaktperson: David Redmalm
  • Telefon: 0707485029
  • Visning

Screening of an ethnographic research documentary about the Hungarian company Prezi’s engagement in the Budapest Pride Parade. The film is followed by a panel session with Viktoria Herjeryd (Stockholm Pride), Sine Nørholm Just (Roskilde University), Steffen Böhm (University of Exeter Business School), and the filmmakers David Redmalm and Annika Skoglund. Funded by the Ragnar Söderberg Foundation

This ethnographic research documentary by David Redmalm and Annika Skoglund follows the Hungarian tech company Prezi to the Budapest Pride Parade of 2017. In 2009, Prezi was the first company to participate in the parade. While the parade has grown exponentially since then, it still raises controversy and protests in Hungary today. The film asks questions about what Prezi’s engagement means to the company’s founders, to the employees, and to Pride as a political movement.

59 min, Documentary, 2018. English with English subtitles.

The research is funded by Ragnar Söderbergs foundation

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