On numerical analyses of woven composite laminates: Homogenization, damage and fracture

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  • Plats: Siegbahnsalen, The Ȧngström Laboratory, Lägerhuddsvägen 1, Uppsala
  • Doktorand: Espadas Escalante, Juan José
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  • Arrangör: Tillämpad mekanik
  • Kontaktperson: Espadas Escalante, Juan José
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This dissertation analyzes various mechanical properties of textile reinforced composite laminates.

The dissertation is based on a total of six published works, which are essentially numerical, although experimental elements are available. The numerical methods used are based on high-resolution finite element models in combination with sophisticated phase-field theories for brittle fracture. A key result is that important mechanical properties in engineering applications, such as fracture or damage resistance, can be substantially affected by the arrangement of the constituent materials at the meso level.