Winter Conferment Ceremony

The Conferment Ceremony is a ceremony for all who have completed their PhDs during the year. The people of Uppsala recognise the day because cannon salutes are fired in the morning and during the actual ceremony. New doctorates and honorary doctorates are conferred and several prizes and medals are awarded.

In the ceremonial conferment act in Uppsala Cathedral, the new PhDs receive their symbols of honour: a ring, a diploma, and a hat or laurel wreath. Honorary doctorates are awarded to distinguished individuals from Sweden and abroad. Also, prizes and distinctions are awarded to deserving recipients.

The Conferment Ceremony in the Cathedral starts at 12:00 with the entry procession and welcoming words from the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Eva Åkesson. The festivities continue into the evening, with a banquet in the Hall of State at Uppsala Castle for the new PhDs, honorary doctors, prizewinners, relatives and invited guests.

Programme for the Conferment Ceremony 27 January 2017
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(All times are precise.)

07:00 Cannon salute, carried out by Jämtlands fältartilleri.

08:00 The large Cathedral bell is rung.

11:30 Uppsala Cathedral is opened and the audience is invited to come inside. Tickets are required for admission. Tickets can be collected for free at the reception desk at S:t Olofsgatan 10B on 26 January, 08:00–12:00 and 12:45–16:30. On 27 January, tickets can be collected in the Cathedral entrance hall from 10:00 until the ceremony begins.

11:45 Promotors, promovendi and other participants of the academic procession gather in the Cathedral’s ambulatory in accordance with the instructions provided in the order of procession.

12:00 The audience must have taken their seats.

12:15 The Conferment Ceremony begins with the entry procession.