Migration: The World in Motion

Contributors representing a wide range of research disciplines at Uppsala University discuss immigration from an international perspective. Come and take part in a question and answer session with the researchers and meet the world at Gustavianum. The lectures are in Swedish and English. During the day, you will have an opportunity to visit the Museum for free.

UPPSALA UNIVERSITY invites you to a whole-day event devoted to the topic of migration. Humans have been on the move since we left African continent thousands of years ago. Thirst for adventures, conflicts, trade, family ties, and many other reasons have set humans on a journey into the unknown. Our world is constantly on the move and today more than ever before. How have Muslims ended up in the Baltic countries? How does migration look like between Mexico and USA? How are the concepts of mobility, migration and security reflected in Arabic literature? How has immigration from Turkey affected language policies in Europe? What role does sport play in identity building within the diaspora of Southeast Asia? Come, listen and discuss with the experts from Uppsala University!


12.15-13.15     Mini lectures on the issue of Migration (in Swedish)

Short presentations of each forum and a series of mini lectures on the issue of migration within each geographic area.

Moderator: Prof. Sten Hagberg

Venue: Auditorium Minus, Gustavianum 

Forum for Turkic Studies  – Dr. Memet Aktürk Drake (Centre for Research on Bilingualism, Stockholm University). Vad kan turkisk invandring lära oss om mångkulturell språkpolitik i Europa? 

Institute for Russian and Eurasian Studies – Ingvar Svanberg. Muslimska pionjärer i vår närhet: tatarer i Östersjöområdet 


13.15-13.45      Mingling and tasting menu of foods from different parts of the world.

Outside Auditorium Minus 


13.45-14.10      Film screening “Welcome Out” by Kavita Das Gupta

A film about the Welcome Out pride festival. The Uppsala pride march is unique in the way that it draws asylum seekers and migrants from across the country, people who have fled to Sweden in the hope of being able to live openly irrespective of their gender or sexual orientation. The screening will be followed by a discussion with the filmmaker.


14.15-15.30      Mini lectures on the issue of migration (in English)        

Moderator: Prof. Sten Hagberg

Venue: Auditorium Minus, Gustavianum 

Forum for South Asia Studies – Professor Shantanu Chakrabarti (University of Calcutta, India)

Games people play! Developing South Asia´s sport identity at home and within the diaspora

Forum for Africa Studies – Dr. Tasnim Qutait

Mobility, migration and national security in contemporary Arab literature

Swedish Institute for North American Studies – Associate Professor Markus Heide

Border Crossing: Immigration from Mexico, history and current situation


12.15-15:30   Around in the Gustavianum 

Throughout the day geographic regions will be introduced with various activities: book tables, paper marbling, and the like, as well as discussions with the representatives for each geographic area.