The Inauguration of Professors 2018 and the inaugural lectures

At the formal inauguration of professors all new professors of 2018 are inaugurated at Uppsala University. In the week leading up to the event, the professors give their inaugural lectures.

The inauguration and the lectures are open to the public.

Tickets to the inauguration can be collected in the entrance hall of the University Main Building from 10:00 on Thursday 15 November until 15:00 on Friday 16 November.

No tickets are needed for the lectures given separately during the week.

During the ceremony, the following inaugural lectures will be held:
Anna-Sara Lind, Faculty of Law: Den ofantliga rätten
Mats Målqvist, Faculty of Medicine: Global hälsa – en värld, en framtid!
Cecilia Persson, Faculty of Science and Technology: Att bygga ben


Programme for the inaugural lectures, 12–15 November

Venue: University Main Building, Lecture Hall IV

Monday 12 November
09:15–09:55 Faculty of Law
10:45–11:25 Faculty of Languages
13:15–15:20 Faculty of Educational Sciences

Tuesday 13 November
09:15–14:35 Faculty of Medicine

Wednesday 14 November
09:15–10:35 Faculty of Social Sciences
13:15–16:00 Faculty of Science and Technology (day 1)

Thursday 15 November
09:15–10:15 Faculty of Arts
10:45–15:40 Faculty of Science and Technology (day 2)