Power in Narrative, and Narratives of Power

  • Date: –16:00
  • Location: SCAS, Thunbergssalen Linneanum, Thunbergsvägen 2, Uppsala
  • Lecturer: Hazem Kandil, Pro Futura Scientia Fellow, SCAS. Reader in Political Sociology, University of Cambridge
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  • Organiser: Swedish Collegium for Advanced Study (SCAS)
  • Contact person: Sandra Rekanovic
  • Seminarium

For the past two years, I have been involved in a project on methodolog y. The idea was to invite a dozen scholars from the humanities and social sciences to consider how they use the historical method in their work. After several workshops, we are publishing our insights in a book, History in the Humanities and Social Sciences, edited by Quentin Skinner and Richard Bourke, this coming spring with Cambridge University Press. During the SCAS seminar, I hope to discuss my almost finished chapter, “Power in Narrative, and Narratives of Power,” before I send it out in December. Sociologists rely on their theories to determine causality, then construct historical narratives to show readers why things happened the way they did. What I propose instead is a new approach to narrative as reenact-ment of reality with the aim of giving readers a sense of how things happened.

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