UppTalk Weekly: Save lives by sifting out viruses "as easily as you brew coffee" - development of nanotechnology paper filters for drinking water purification

  • Date: –12:30
  • Location: Zoom-meeting
  • Lecturer: Albert Miranyan, Professor at the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Nanotechnology and Functional Materials
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  • Organiser: UppTalk Weekly is a part of the Faculty for Science and Technology's online continuing education initiative for alumni and society
  • Contact person: Lina Sors Emilsson
  • Phone: 018-471 2138
  • Seminarium

Our guest in this weeks UppTalk Weekly we will meet with professor Albert Miranyan who will talk about how he aim towards developing a filter paper that can remove even the toughest viruses from water.

Albert and his team have developed a filter with material directly from nature, that is low-cost, renewable and biodegradable. By combining knowledge in nanotechnology with a concrete need in society, can this research save life’s, i.e. by enabeling safe drinking water. The goal for Albert is to develop a filter paper that can remove even the toughest viruses from water as easily as brewing coffee'. Join UppTalk weekly to ask your questions to Albert and to learn more about nanotechnology, cellulose filters and the need of multidisciplinary perspectives for both basic and applied research.