NVivo för kvalitativ dataanalys - steg 2

  • Date: –11:30
  • Location: Online via Zoom
  • Organiser: Uppsala universitetsbibliotek
  • Contact person: Camilla Zetterberg
  • Utbildning

Analyse and visualise your coding.

Welcome to a course in which we will work with NVivo, software for qualitative data analysis. The course is suitable for those who have attended step 1 or are already familiar with the basic features covered in step 1. Participants also need to be familiar with qualitative data analysis. During the course we will demonstrate in NVivo for Windows. In NVivo for Mac some functions work differently and some are unfortunately not available.

In step 2 the focus is on analysing and visualising your project. Step 2 is suitable for those who want to move beyond the basic coding and start to analyse the content of the project.

Step 2 will cover the following topics:

- Querying and exploring your data
- Comparing and displaying cases, files or codes
- Visualising your project

This course is open to and free of charge for students and employees at Uppsala University. Participants need to have access to NVivo (either a license or a trial version) before attending the course.

If you are planning to use NVivo in a collaborative research project, you can contact the library to book a tailored session for all researchers working on the project.

If requested, the course will be given in English.

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