Towards a Zero City - what the world can learn from Swedish 'lagom' and Indian 'sunya'

  • Date: –15:30
  • Location: Digitalt evenemang
  • Organiser: Uppsala universitet
  • Contact person: Owe Ronström
  • Seminarium

Focuses on merging the concepts of the Indian ‘Sunya’ (zero or circularity) with the Swedish ‘Lagom’ (balance) and explores the question, What can we learn from ‘Sunya’ and ‘Lagom’ and how can India & Sweden can lead the way for a more sustainable world?

Using the starting point of Sweden and India being at the helm of the Leadership Group for Industry Transition, the discussion at the culminating seminar of 'Engaging India at Almedalen: Future Urbanisms' will explore the concepts of circularity, sustainability and enabling industry transition through a collaborative approach. It will also also explore the question, can the concepts of ‘Sunya’ (The Indian term for circularity or zero) and ‘Lagom’ (the Swedish term for balance) bring about a new circular economy and ecologically sensitive business models.

The seminar will showcase and formally introduce Zerocity, a collaborative platform to create sustainable solutions for cities, communities and the economy.

See the event in the programme for Almedalen Week


During the Almedalen Week, Uppsala University co-arranges several seminars on the theme Engaging India at Almedalen 2021: Future Urbanisms.