Compile previous research for Social Sciences

  • Date: –15:30
  • Location: Ekonomikums bibliotek Undervisningslokalen
  • Organiser: Uppsala universitetsbibliotek
  • Contact person: Agnes Kotka
  • Utbildning

Do you want to compile previous research for a project or an application? We go over how you can develop your literature search to capture a larger part of the literature relevant to your topic, including publications outside contexts you are already familiar with.

We give you concrete tips on how you can plan and document your search. We also open up for a discussion of when it is motivated to search structurally and in what contexts it is useful within Social Sciences.

You will get to practice structuring a search and obtain critical perspectives on how to search for scientific publications. We do not discuss features in specific databases in this session, but focus on methodology for compiling literature reviews. If you are looking for a more general course in information retrieval, please see our courses in information retrieval for researchers.

If you are going to perform a systematic review, see courses in searching systematically instead.

If requested, the course will be given in English.

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