PhD Defense: The exploration and evolution of the avian genomic dark matter

Valentina Peona is defending her thesis "The exploration and evolution of the avian genomic dark matter". Opponent is Professor Rachel O'Neill

The development and improvement of genome sequencing technologies in the last decade revolutionised the entire field of biology with genome assemblies of virtually any organism. Despite this tremendous progress, complex genomic regions are systematically missing from genome assemblies and form the so-called "genomic dark matter". The presence of genomic dark matter entails that such regions cannot be fully studied and the effects and/or functions thereof (if any) on the organisms remain hidden. Therefore, it is key to be able to explore those dark genomic corners to fully understand the evolution and physiology of organisms without biasing the interpretations. In this thesis, I contribute to the understanding of the use of new sequencing technologies to assemble complex genomic regions and to investigate the evolution of such regions throughout the avian phylogeny.

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