WEBINAR: Sahelian Insecurities & Opportunities: A Round-Table on Political Stakes, Community Conflicts, and Citizen Mobilisations

  • Date: –18:00
  • Location: https://uu-se.zoom.us/j/68081460363
  • Lecturer: Dr. Diana Ayeh, Dr. Virginie Baudais, Dr. Ludovic O. Kibora, Prof. Yaouaga Félix Koné, Dr. Mariame Sidibé, and Dr. Aly Tounkara. Chair & Moderator: Prof. Sten Hagberg
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  • Organiser: Forum for Africa Studies
  • Contact person: Sten Hagberg
  • Phone: 018-4717030
  • Seminarium

Join our timely round-table on the Sahel region in West Africa with leading scholars with recent on the ground knowledge of society and politics.

Since a decade the Sahel region is in a sociopolitical and security turmoil with escalating terrorist attacks, deadly violence, community conflicts, and national political crises, including coups d’état. Multiple insecurities are framing the understanding of the region. Yet citizen mobilizations and popular struggles for change are also part of what is currently going on. Hence, alongside with understanding current insecurities, this round-table explores opportunities in the Sahel. Participants are scholars with long-term research on the ground.