School holiday fun - count the frogs

  • Date:
  • Location: Botaniska trädgården Tropiska växthuset, Villavägen 8
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  • Organiser: Uppsala linneanska trädgårdar
  • Contact person: Lotta S Saetre
  • Familjeaktivitet, Kulturevenemang

See our exhibition with photos of the frogs in the greenhouse. Seek and count the plastic frogs hidden in the tropics. Due to the pandemics you need to bu your ticket in advance. The Tropical Greenhouse is open Monday-Friday 11:00-16:00.

Suitable for all ages. Free for children, UU students, and UU staff. 50 SEK for adults over 18 years. Adults have to be accomanied by at least one child.

By your ticket at ticket is valid for entrance at a specific time.

A small poison dart frog is climbing on a trunk, surrounded by green leaves and moss. The frog’s body is light green, and it’s legs are light blue. It is covered with black dots.