Diabetes Plus: Human + dog = motivated exercise

  • Date: –13:00
  • Location: Campus Ultuna, SLU Room: Audhumbla. House: VCH, house 5, entry level. Address: Ulls väg 26, 756 51 Uppsala
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  • Organiser: Uppsala Diabetes Centre
  • Contact person: Ulrika Bäckman
  • Phone: 070-1679474
  • Seminarium

Can we use the dog as a motivator for increased physical activity in the dog owner?

"During this lunch seminar we will present the project U CAN MOVE, which is a multidisciplinary research collaboration focusing on the risks and benefits of a shared active lifestyle with focus on type 2 diabetes and other cardiometabolic risk factors in dog owner and dog. The project investigates the effects of the exercise program “Upp och hoppa – sund med hund” on physical health and wellbeing in both owner and dog. The research group includes competences from Svenska Brukshundklubben, SLU, UU, GIH and the architect firm Fojab. Furthermore, we will also show preliminary data from a pilot study in which 22 participants and their dogs exercised for 8 weeks. Finally, we will present the future intervention study, the project of the UDC-financed PhD student leg. vet. Klara Smedberg. Most welcome!"

– Klara Smedberg, Anna Bergh, Josefin Söder, Erika Roman, Sören Spörndly-Nees, Jan Eriksson

This seminar can be taken part of via Zoom through the link https://slu-se.zoom.us/j/9839427840


Diabetes Plus is a cross-disciplinary seminar series by Uppsala Diabetes Centre. Seminars are held in English, once a month, and are open to the public, students, and academics of all disciplines.

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