Introduction to data cleaning with OpenRefine

  • Date: –10:15
  • Location: Online via Zoom
  • Organiser: Uppsala university library
  • Contact person: Malin Barkelind
  • Utbildning

This is a course for those that need to clean their data to prepare it for analysis. Your data might need cleaning if it's entered inconsistently, comes from several sources or needs to be formatted in a different way for your analysis. Using OpenRefine, you can easily remove excess blank spaces, merge different spellings of words, merge or split columns, find outliers and much more.

We will take you through how to import data, different ways of viewing and processing it, exporting it for further analysis or visualisation and how to find support and materials for further study. 

No previous knowledge is required, but before the course starts you need to have installed OpenRefine

If requested, the course will be given in English.