A cultural cavalcade in the Linnaeus Garden

Listen to music or enjoy dans shows. Visit Carl Linnaeus' home and our new museum shop. As darkness falls, the garden will be illuminated by candles. Enjoy a magical stroll among the flowers of autumn.

Program in the garden (2022)

11:00 – 21:00 Carl Linnaeus’ home and garden open with free entrance

11.15–11.45 Uppsala Krönikerspel – Linnaeus in his Garden (in Swedish)

A combination of songs about Linnaeus and to dancing acts from Uppsala Krönikespel.

11:30 – 12:30 In the world of Linnaeus – a guided tour of the Linnaeus Garden

14:30 – 15:30 In the world of Linnaeus – a guided tour of the Linnaeus Garden


Program in the orangery (2022)

14.15–14.45 Carl Johan Alexander – singer song writer 

15.00–15.30 Ballads by Clas and Christina

15.45–16.15 Boye–Ferlin: Ett omaka par; popular songs with Madeleine MacDonald & Sune Bohlin (KnivstaSune)

16.30–17.00 The choir Fyra Vindar – song from their repertoire

17.15–17.45 Towerlight – storys told by music. Aldo Donatello guitar. Karin Tenggren violin

18.00–18.30 Canilla Enskär and Ulf Holmberg.– kaRAMELler o gröna småäpplen – medley of popular pieces by revue artist Povel Ramel and singer Monica Z 

18.45–19.15 Ninja & Elin – French chanson meets folk music, meets Kraftwerk.

19.30–20.00 StenSkog – emotional music

20.15–20.45 Cabinets – guitar pop and consert song with a twist!

21.00–21.30 Belly dance by Cecilia