Mediating Words and Images

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  • Location: Day 1: University Main Building Lecture Hall IX -- Day 2: Carolina Rediviva Library TLS Lecture Room
  • Lecturer: Silvia Riccardi (Uppsala) W. J. T. Mitchell (Chicago) Werner Wolf (Graz) Sonya Petersson (Stockholm) Jan von Bonsdorff (Uppsala) Liviu Lutas (Växjö) Shubigi Rao (Singapore) Anna Foka (Uppsala) Anna Näslund Dahlgren (Stockholm) Ashleigh Harris (Uppsala)
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  • Organiser: Silvia Riccardi
  • Contact person: Silvia Riccardi
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An international conference organized by Uppsala University in collaboration with Carolina Rediviva Library. The event aims to lay the foundations for a network of scholars and artists exploring words and images through collaborations, events, and publications.

Free Admission


Keynote: W. J. T. Mitchell (The University of Chicago)

Art Presentation: Shubigi Rao (Singapore)

The event is open with free admission and includes a Piano Recital on May 11, 18:00 at Musicum.


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