Train with the Student Health Service and Campus1477

  • Date: –16:15
  • Location: Campus 1477
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  • Organiser: Studenthälsan
  • Contact person: Studenthälsan
  • Studentevenemang

As a student, you often spend a lot of time sitting still. Sitting still too much can have negative effects on both the body and the brain. Our bodies are built for movement and activity. There are many good reasons why it can be worth thinking about our activity and exercise habits. On Mondays, you can try different types of exercise together with the Student Health and Campus 1477.

This student group meets weekly and will try different types of group training during the semester. Check out all our events in the calendar to see what's next. This week we are trying Yin Yoga - a calm yoga for stretching and relaxation. Please bring a long-sleeved shirt.

We meet at Campus 1477 and participation is free. Bring indoor shoes and a water bottle. No sign-up is necessary, drop in with a limited number of places.

The Student Health Service is available to you as a student at Uppsala University, SLU in Uppsala and Johannelund's School of Theology, studying on campus or remotely. We help you with issues connected to life as a student. We offer lectures, student groups and individual counselling to promote your well-being and ensure a balanced student life.

Read more about the Student Health Service and our events on our website.

Read our advice about physical activity.