Governance After the End of Borders

  • Date: –16:00
  • Location: SCAS, Thunbergssalen Linneanum, Thunbergsvägen 2, Uppsala
  • Lecturer: Peter Mancina, Junior Guest of the Principal, SCAS. Research Associate, Centre for Criminology, University of Oxford
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  • Organiser: Swedish Collegium for Advanced Study (SCAS)
  • Contact person: Stina Grånäs
  • Phone: 018-55 70 85
  • Seminarium

Since 2017, demands for the end of national borders and border control agencies such as #AbolishICE have arisen in the United States in response to the intensified dragnet immigration enforcement efforts of the Trump Administration. These aspirational demands have not, however, been accompanied by proposed models for how territories and populations would be governed after the end of national borders and border control. To think through hypothetical outcomes resulting from the abolition of national borders, this lecture will examine one existing governmental model – the “sanctuary city” – as it has developed in San Francisco, California over the past thirty-five years. A sanctuary city is a municipal regulatory regime that legally prohibits government employees from using government resources to enforce immigration laws, patrol borders, or condition the provision of government benefits and services on the basis of immigration status and national citizenship.

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