Museum collections, behind the scenes

Finally, it is time for the Museum of Evolution and Gustavianum to open the

doors to their collection archives once again. During the day, tours of the

archives (pre-booked) and family activities are organized.

Tours in english

Location: Museum of Evolution Zoology, Villavägen 9

12.15 Gustavianum’s historical and archaeological collections
13.15 The Museum of Evolution’s zoological collections
14.15 The Museum of Evolution’s palaeontological collections
15.15 The Museum of Evolution’s botanical collections
Advance reservations are obligatory. Book via e-mail at

Family activity with Linnéa Krylén, writer and illustrator
 Thunbergrummet, Evolutionsmuseet Zoologi, Villavägen 9

13. 00 Create your own cabinet of curiosities
Do you like to collect? In her book, the author and illustrator Linnéa Krylén talks about the most exciting objects she has collected. Together we create cabinets with inspiration from collections at Uppsala University.
Ages 5 and up

14.30 Draw exciting objects
Do you like to draw? Visit us and draw objects from the archives with writer and illustrator Linnéa Krylén. She will teach you tips and tricks and tell us how she worked with pictures and found facts for her book about collecting.
Ages 11 and up